Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thousands of apologies for abandoning my blog just recently. Anyway, I don't know if I've blogged about this before. So I'm just gonna blog while I still remember what I want to say. A few months ago, I found out from my mum that my Uncle. My Godfather has been diagnosed with lung cancer and colon cancer.

Before all this I kinda knew [maybe all of us too] that he would somehow whine up being horribly ill. Cause from the amount of cigarettes he smoked in a day [even after his bypass] and from what my mum told me, he was very fond of alcohol when he was younger.

Now he's in his mid 70's. He looks like he hasn't been fed well. His hands and his face are turning into black coal. He can hardly talk cause his lips is so infested with blisters. The medication was too strong for him and his lips started to react. All this wouldn't have happened if he snapped into reality 50 years ago. He wouldn't have to leave painfully.

My Uncle goes to my mum's restaurant for lunch every other day. And when I get to see him. My heart suddenly sinks. And only then I start thinking about my friends who smoke and drink. My brothers,too, smoke. Only my elder brother doesn't drink nor smoke as often as my second brother.

I'm worried for them. I don't want them ending up like my Uncle. My second brother, Edmund, he's pretty much like my Uncle back in his younger days from what I understand. He drinks. He smokes. Just cause he can. But what will happen in 30 years?

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